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Course Curriculum

Rudra Yoga Four :

"Embracing Life and Increasing Concentration"

Path of Tantra
March 23 - 29, 2017
$795 By February 23rd
$895 after February 23rd
for multiple retreat pricing please inquire at rudrayogainfo@gmail.com

In order to embrace and digest life as a whole experience, we must utilize the physical & subtle systems and harmonize the ordinary & extraordinary planes of existence. We must develop the discipline to resist being run by our preferences and aversions and to stabilize in both/and mind. We must understand how to have real relationships and how to manufacture more energy out of whatever comes to us. We must bring our sexual energy, our core energy, into full consciousness.

Morning Hatha Yoga
Tantra Philosophy
Partner Yoga/Venus Kriyas
Meditation: RudraFlo
Healing: Hawaiian Energetics & Healing Clinic

Costs include: 


Course instruction


Vegetarian Meals with Meat Options

Healing Sessions.


This is a program for learning to stabilize one's state and to grow in the ability to love, to create beauty, and be of service as a conscious force on the planet. Come and be nourished by the healing energy of the mountains, enjoy community with friends old and new, and explore the Path of Tantra. This program is open to all students, no previous experience necessary.


Day 1


3:30 Guest Arrival & orientation

6:00 Dinner

7:30 Opening Circle


Day 2 - 5


5:45 Wake-up Bell

6:30 Morning Practice

8:30 Seva

9:00 Breakfast & Break

10:30 Teaching & Practice Session

1:00 Lunch & Break

3:30 Teaching & Practice Session

6:00 Tantric Dinner

8:00 Evening Practice & Meditation


Day 6


5:45 Wake-up Bell

6:30 Morning Practice

8:30 Seva

9:00 Breakfast & Clean-up

11:00 Last Class & Closing Circle

1:00 Lunch