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Rudra Yoga Seven :

"Heart of the Beloved"

The Sufi Way
December 27 - Jan 2nd, 2019
$795 By November 27th
$895 After November 27th
for multiple retreat pricing please inquire at rudrayogainfo@gmail.com

The great path of love is traveled by those who recognize that the many peoples of the world express in their own unique ways one path, one source and one goal.  We stir the heart and stoke the fire of longing through ecstatic practice, songs, poetry and teachings of the heart.  Dancing opens the heart and magnetizes our feet, the walks call down the divine qualities and states, spinning centers us in the real and true reality, remembrance lifts us to the beloved, and purification by fire puts it all together in one ecstatic celebration of divine being. 

Course Curriculum

Orientation: Being present with our internal and external experience

Poetry and Social: Syncing the communal, human heart

Ablutions: Purifying with water and setting intention

Invocation: Connecting to and calling in the masters of wisdom, our guides and supports

Call to Prayer: Arriving to the practice and inviting our loved ones and those in need of healing to join us

Hadrat: Transforming our densities through dynamic movement timed with mantra,

Spinning: Releasing obstacles through centrifugal force and pulling in the higher frequencies

Wazifahs: Embodying the divine qualities through a walking practice

Zikr: Raising our ecstasy and communing with the Beloved through mantra practice and synchronized movement

RudraFlo: Refining our clear, open, loving state through meditation

Dances of Universal Peace: Celebrating our Wholeness in the One and in community

Study: Receiving wisdom from great Sufi Masters Hazrat Inayat Khan, Gurjeiff, J.G. Bennett, and E.J. Gold

Individual Healing Sessions: Hawaiian Energetics

Costs Include:

Course Instruction


Vegetarian Meals with Meat Options

Healing Sessions.


Arrive on Day 1


3:00pm  Guest Arrival Begins

6:00        Registration & Dinner

7:00        Group Orientation to Facilities and Schedule, Evening Class

9:30        Rest



Day 2 


6:15am     Wake-up Exercises

7:00         Morning Practice

9:00         Seva

9:30         Breakfast & Spa/Healing

11:00        Class

1pm           Lunch & Hike & Spa/Healing

4:00         Class

6:00         Dinner & Spa/Healing

7:30          Evening Practice

8:00         Rest

Day 3 - 6

Midnight    Sufi Practice

5:00am     Rest & Spa/Healing

9:00          Brunch

11:00          Seva 

11:30          Class

1:30pm      Lunch & Hike & Spa/Healing

4:00          Class

6:00          Dinner & Spa/Healing

7:30           Evening Practice

8:00          Rest


Day 7


6:15am     Wake-up Exercises

7:00         Morning Practice

9:00         Seva

9:30         Breakfast & Spa/Healing

10:30         Pack-up / Clean-up

Noon          Class

1:00pm      Closing Circle