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Rudra Yoga Eight :

"Internal Martial Arts and Stilling the Mind"

Tao Yoga
March 22 - 28, 2019
$795 By February 22nd
$895 After February 22nd
for multiple retreat pricing please inquire at rudrayogainfo@gmail.com

Through practices which activate our electromagnetic field, we will develop an internal defense system by which we can transmute negative energies that potentially deter our development.  We will learn to become sensitive to the teachings of nature, to still the mind and to meditate in all activities by practicing a movement series that awakens our energy pathways, heals the major organ groups through vital breaths and sounds, opens the heart and navel cavities and turns on our light body which is not bound by form. 

Course Curriculum

Course Content:   


* Orientation meditation                       

* Walking meditation

* 8 Psychic Channels breathing              

* Tao Exercises & Yoga                              

* Yin Yoga & Sound Healing                             

* Revitalizing the Organs                           

* Qi Qong energy work                             

* Heart Sutra sound & teaching                          

* Taoist Philosophy study                      

* Group & Individual Healing Sessions              

* Rudra Yoga Teaching & Discussion      

     with Isa Love, dharma master  

Costs Include:


Course Instruction


Vegetarian Meals with Meat Options

Healing Sessions.


Arrive Evening of Day 1


4pm  Guest Arrivals & Registration

6:00 Dinner

7:30 Orientation to Facilities & Schedule

8:00 Class

9:30 Rest


Day 2-6


6:30am Wakeup

6:00 Morning Practice

8:30 Seva

9:00 Breakfast & Sat/Sun/Mon Healing Sessions

10:30 Class

1:00pm Lunch & Healing Sessions

4:00 Class

6:00 Dinner & Sat/Sun Healing Sessions

7:30 Class

9:00 Rest


Day 7


6:30am Wakeup

6:00 Morning Practice

8:30 Pack up & Seva

9:00 Breakfast & Seva