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Jim Freeburn

Jim Freeburn is a friend, husband, father, adventurer, artist and caretaker of Liberty Arising.  


He participated in the first cycle of The Rudra Yoga Program by attending all courses and incorporating the practices into every aspect of his life.   By doing so, he continued and accelerated his path of healing and growing through study, practice and commitment to what he had been given.


In addition to receiving all Rudra Yoga course teachings and experiences, he developed intimate and committed relationships with Isa Love, Rudi Kadre and the New Being Project community.   He received unique benefits from each relationship.


Through experiences of initiation and the reorganization of his life around the wisdom and practice of yoga, he lives compassionately and joyfully.   His heart is dependably open and his evolution is optimized.   He creates freely and has thriving relationships with the partners in his life.  


He has personal experience and knowledge of how Rudra Yoga is incorporated into one’s life and how anyone can enjoy its benefits in their own unique way.