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Kundalini Yoga Detox

"Unraveling the Conditioned Self"

July 16-21
$795 By July 16th
$895 After July 16th
for multiple retreat pricing please inquire at

To become open, we must break down our habitual self.  We will employ yogic techniques, creative time and body work, detoxifying diet, hydrotherapy, simple work, rest and study of the master's teaching in 'round the clock, two hour cycles to introduce the subtle system by direct experience, and to break the hold of day and night cycles and unproductive patterns.

Course Curriculum

Intensive Detoxification


Juice or Yogi Mush Diet

Kundalini Yoga Sadhana

Creative Time

Dharma Study Group

Costs Include:

Course Instruction


Juice or Yogi Mush Diet


Arrive by 3pm on the 16th

This course operates on 11 ten-hour cycles

Detox Cycle

2 Hours Kundalini

2 Hours Hydrotherapy and Seva

2 Hours Creative Time

2 Hours Sleep

2 Hours Study Group

Course will begin the evening of July 16th and end on the morning of July 21st