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The Rudra Yoga Program

The Rudra Yoga Program is a comprehensive course of study of the spiritual traditions on the planet, the seeds of which were sown over 18,000 years ago. Rudra Yoga originates out of the direct transmission from the lineage of Prophets, Gurus, Masters and Buddhas who recognized the truth and unity of all things. Through this recapitulation of our spiritual heritage combined with the practice and application of the teachings, we can transform our obstacles, embody our spiritual work, and complete our human journey.


Rudra Yoga is presented in 20 courses over 5 years. The entire teaching of Rudra Yoga is transmitted in Course  1: "Foundation." Courses 2-8 provide the physical building blocks coordinating the body and breath, and 9-18 provide the means to train the mind, guiding us to the more subtle states of meditation. This gives us the knowledge and skills to complete ourselves, to stabilize our consciousness, and perfect our state of being. Course 19 presents the opportunity to create a new world of love, harmony, and creativity—our fundamental mission as humans. And course 20 is the culmination of Rudra Yoga where we claim a new, elevated foundation of awakened state.


This program is designed to be taken as a whole, however, most courses may be taken individually without any prerequisite requirements