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"Rudra Yoga is a primitive and unadorned path to perfection. It has one idea and one exercise. The three treasures out of which Rudra Yoga arises are the Creation Principle, the Golden Formula and the Magdalena Way. The foundation of the Rudra Yoga lifestyle is personal responsibility."

Rudra refers to the digestive fire in the navel and the aspect of Lord Shiva that removes obstacles. Yoga means union. Rudra Yoga is the power to dissolve and blast through obstacles and live every moment through waking, dreaming and deep sleep in a unified state. It is a complete education and training in what it means to become human. It assists us in unifying the mental, emotional, and moving parts of our being so that our presence is full, our passions are alive and our actions are complete. It is a marriage of new and ancient technologies which unveil the true nature of our being. Rudra Yoga offers the dedicated aspirant the possibility of fully awakening in this lifetime.

Rudra Yoga